It’s a fact that your ideal customers are spending more time on social media than any other platform. In fact, according to recent data, South Africans are spending an average of 2-3 hours using these platforms.

We at V8 MEDIA know how to help you reach targeted customers – let us help you put your message and brand right in front of them at those moments when they are open to your brand’s message.

We offer personalized, targeted, social media marketing service that optimizes your ad spend and guaranteed to pull in the business results you need.

Let us at V8 MEDIA help you claim your online real estate by developing a functional website that’s user-focused and optimized to provide an exceptional experience for your website visitors.

We understand that it’s just not enough to have a website anymore. Today, it’s about having a website that is 100% user-friendly to your visitors.

We can assist in optimizing your website and help convert it into a lead converting machine that’s set up to churn out qualified hot leads daily.

Content is king, and so, more and more brands are stepping up their content marketing game! If you are planning on doing the same, you’ll need a partner that understands the terrain and is positioned to help you crush your online marketing goals using the correct content marketing strategy suited to your needs.

Our content marketing philosophy is simple: Quality over quantity.

As the trends have shown, customers appreciate brands that offer value and reward them with their business – We’re equipped to deliver high-quality relevant content to your audience.

Email marketing is far from dead, well, that is based on one of the latest data reports in South Africa. For every R10 spent on email marketing, brands managed to get approx R480 back in return. This is a 4400% increase in ROI!  So, ask yourself, is this something you want to miss out on?

However, if you consider an email marketing strategy, you need a partner that knows what they’re doing.

Our email marketing service is aimed to help you nurture and convert them into buying customers.

Our process involves automation, tracking, analyzing and optimization to ensure that we squeeze the last drop of value from every cent spent.

According to a recent study, over 80 percent of businesses want to integrate chatbots into their marketing strategy.

This trend is informed by the high open rate data from Chatbots and instant messaging and the fact that customers spend more time on messaging platforms.

However, to succeed in the chatbot marketing space, one needs to integrate a detailed well-designed bot with copy that makes the experience feel natural – this means, the chatting experience must feel as natural and as close to human as possible.

Here’s where our wealth of experience comes into play for you – we’ll plan, execute and integrate a bot that helps you achieve business objectives.

Traffic to your website is at the heart of success for all your online marketing efforts – the more eyeballs on your site, the higher the chances of converting them into leads, and then buyers.

Search engine marketing is the process of increasing the visibility of your brand on search engines either through ad spend or organic optimization.

Let us help you research relevant keywords; optimize your content and website so your customers can find you easily online.

Call us today to help your in-house marketing team become the best they can be. Our consultation and strategy sessions are aimed at uncovering any inefficient spots in your marketing process, optimize your strategy and even develop new proven strategies you can implement right away.

We believe we can function as an extension of your marketing team, where we audit your process, provide recommendations, and walk alongside your team assisting them in reaching their goals and objectives.


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Every business no matter how big or small needs one thing – GROWTH. It doesn’t matter the number of years your entity has been in business; one way or the other you can be sure that there’s always the drive to gain more market share, maintain existing customers and keep revenue growing.

Unfortunately, conventional marketing strategies don’t provide enough room for businesses to maneuver. This is where growth hacking comes into play.

First, it’s important to note that growth hacking is MARKETING. Growth hacking is at its core a mindset and a process that is unrelentingly focused on uncovering new methods of growing a business.

V8 MEDIA utilizes the growth hacking process to help businesses reach their business goals. This can include increasing sign-ups, driving revenue, or increasing engagement across all your marketing channels.

So, what makes V8 MEDIA different? Well, our mindset sets us apart, as we make it our mission to study and understand what it is that really drives your customers to behave the way they do and once we unlocked the insights we leverage it to implement strategies that guarantee results.

At V8 MEDIA we offer bespoke growth hacking strategies that are guaranteed to help you achieve your business objectives. Contact us today, let’s discuss your needs.


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